Message From Church Council


To the congregation,

I’ve been on church council for about 10 years in 2 stints over the years here at Mt Zion. I’m currently serving as President for the second time. Recently I was thinking about what we do as a council. We make a lot of decisions involving the operations of the church, financial decisions, approving property repairs, and items involving the church service itself. However when it comes to the best ideas I’ve heard over the years guess what? They are not brainstormed at council, they are presented from someone in the congregation who just had a good idea for how to do something better or how to reach out into the community to make it better.

The community garden was a great example. A couple of people had the idea which was very easy for council to support with resources. The garden will be going on its third year starting in spring. The praise band is a second great example. From humble beginnings it has grown into a more contemporary monthly service which I personally look forward to. Lastly, this week three youth came to council and made a presentation asking us to support them financially so they can attend Bear Creek Camp for a week this summer. It is an excellent opportunity for these young people to grow in their Christian faith. We are fortunate to have funds through Karen Grim’s endowment for youth that all of their expenses will be covered minus their fundraising efforts.

I bring all this up because as a council we are always looking for the next great idea. Is there anything you think could enhance our church or help in outreach? We are interested in hearing from you. I can’t promise every idea will be approved. Ideas have to fit into our mission as a church, however I can promise each will be considered. You can contact any council member including myself or Vicar Heydt. Also just a reminder that council meetings are open to all and minutes from all meetings are available to everyone as well. Thanks for your support!

Joe Arndt

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