Message From Church Council

I can’t believe I’m writing a letter for the MARCH newsletter already! Time is flying.

The Property Committee came to our February Council meeting to update us about their projects. They installed new LED lightbulbs in the sanctuary—a bright idea, indeed! The church looks more inviting, and we should see a significant decrease in our electric bill. We will go from a combined wattage of over 5600w to below 900w for the bulbs they changed. Other projects they are working on include repairs and improvements to storage rooms and classrooms, ceiling tiles, painting, parking lot lighting, security issues, and the future stonework renovations. We will use bequeathed donations to fund some projects. However, it won’t cover the entire cost of the needed stonework repairs. We will need to raise money through fundraising and a capital campaign for that.

Talking about money and stewardship seems to be a taboo topic in some churches. Do you feel that way? I hope not. Mt. Zion is a church family, not just a church building. April shares our financial information in the weekly bulletins for each Sunday so that as a church family, WE know OUR financial health. If you notice, she includes a note that we need to receive approximately $3200 per week to cover our expenses. In January, our highest collection for regular offering was $2,493.00, and there have only been two weeks so far this year when we received over $2000 for regular offertory. Please consider your commitment to our financial health and use the e-giving option or mail your weekly contributions if necessary. Each of you makes a critical contribution to this church. That includes your monetary giving as well giving your time and talent.

Time and talent surveys were handed out recently. If you still need one, let us know. Please think about how YOU can contribute to the work of this church family. You could volunteer in so many ways with so many aspects of the church. I hope you will consider your monetary, time, and talent stewardship this month and join me in making OUR church the best that it can be for the Glory of God and the enjoyment of coming together as a family. Exciting things are happening! Join in!

Karen Wanamaker

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