Message From Church Council

Message from Council President:

April 2021

Spring has sprung!  We are on daylight saving time and the Easter season is upon us!

If you ask a child about Easter, they’ll most likely start talking about the Easter Bunny!  So how did the Easter Bunny get mixed up with Jesus, his Crucifixion and resurrection?

The Easter Bunny origin can likely be traced back to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon era where pagans would worship a deity that took the form of a rabbit: Eostre.  Known as the goddess of springtime or dawn, Eostre (or sometimes seen as Eostra or Eastre) is associated with rabbits, pastels, and springtime celebrations. In other cultures, such as Ancient Rome and even prior, rabbits were associated with rebirth and new life. Because of this, people would include rabbits on their gravestones.

So how did the Christian holiday get wrapped up in this?  Similar to Christmas and Halloween, Christians attempted to blend elements of pagan religion with Christian tradition, in order to make the message of Christianity more palpable to those of other religions. So, when a group of monks in the late fourth century went to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity, they mixed together elements of the pagan holiday with their Christian calendar.

As far as the bunny who brings children candy, we see that tradition coming to America through German immigrants. Similar to Halloween, the tradition evolved more into candy-themed festivities for children.

Concerning Easter eggs, cultures throughout history have viewed fertility and bringing of life through eggs.  Dyed eggs were likely consumed at spring festivals, which explains why some people dip dye eggs on Easter. It’s reasonable that Christians would’ve seen this egg imagery equated with a symbol of life and incorporated eggs into a holiday celebrating eternal life. (Bolenger, H. (2020, Feb 20). The Easter Bunny’s Origin and Connection to Christianity.

Church Council met on March 10th.  Here are the highlights:

The work continues in the basement.  Thank you to all who came out on our work days.  We were able to accomplish more than anticipated!  Many hands make light work.  We are expecting to see things move along fairly quickly now.  We will be continuing with drywall painting and plumbing.  After that we will be working on the ceilings and then the flooring.  The kitchen will be expanded and totally rebuilt later on in the project.  Thank you for all of your continued support!

We are hoping to have VBS this summer.  We are tentatively looking at the week of 7/19 or 7/26.  We need someone to lead VBS this year.  If you are interested, please contact Michelle Fegely.

Yours in faith,
Missy Keller
Council President



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