Message From Church Council

This month I’d like to highlight a few safety/security items as well as a reminder of our procedure in case of inclement weather. First, as mentioned elsewhere in the newsletter a new video doorbell was installed which allows our employees to see who is ringing via phone app or computer without going to the door. Council is also beginning to discuss having the locks changed and even possibly replacing the lower door as we have had a lot of issues with it over the years.

Other items of mention are the replacement and addition of new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We would like to thank the Keller family for donating them to the church as well as Martin and the property committee for installing them. Council and property committee are also in the process of adding stronger language to the sign at the entrance of the parking lot across the street. While we don’t want to discourage the community from having access to the lot, we need to protect ourselves from liability for those who joy ride on it and use it for other questionable purposes. If anyone sees any suspicious activity, please try to get a license plate number and report it someone on council or Vicar Heydt.

Lastly, in case of inclement weather please check your email for an e-blast from Mt Zion.  If you are not on our email list please check the cancellations on WFMZ television. A decision would be made no later than 7:00 am on Sunday morning. Here’s hoping for a mild winter!

Joe Arndt, Council President

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