COVID-19 Service Safety Requirements


Effective Sunday, June 27, 2021, the following Worship Service changes will take effect at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Kutztown, PA.  We continue our efforts to evaluate news and data, and as more people are vaccinated, we feel confident that the following changes can occur.

Hand sanitizer stands are located throughout the church. Use them as needed.

As always, if you or any other household member feels ill, please do not come to church.

  1. Masks wearing is now optional.
  2. All seating restrictions are removed.
  3. Communion Distribution Method will be served with the front full pew of the Pulpit side receiving communion first and the Organ side following in the same manner. Select a disposable cup from the container on the board. Vicar will give you the Body of Christ with tongs. Proceed to receive the Blood of Christ in the form of wine or grape juice. Dispose of cups at the end of the aisle rails. Anyone needing in place communion is asked to sit near the front of the church.
  4. Collection plates and Jingle buckets will remain at the entrances. Please continue to be generous.

We will continue to evaluate the results of these changes.

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