COVID-19 Service Safety Requirements

We have taken the following steps to provide a sanitary environment.

  1.  The church is being sanitized regularly.  All pew cushions, hymnals, and Bibles have been removed from the sanctuary. If you need a cushion please bring one with you and take it with you after service.  Any cushion left behind will be disposed of for continued sanitary measures.  Songs and responses will be printed in the bulletin.  Friendship pads will be placed in the pews for your convenience.  One person should add names for all seated therein, if possible.
  2. Sanitizer stands will be placed throughout the church and sanctuary.  Feel free to use them.
  3. Volunteers have sewn and donated masks.  If you forget yours, please use it and take it with you.
  4. Be aware that Vicar and the worship assistant will not wear masks during the service except when giving communion.  See the note below for further information about communion.

In efforts to keep everyone healthy and feeling safe, we have developed the following outline that we ask you to follow.  We want to give you as much information as possible to help with your decision of attendance.

  1. If you or anyone in your household doesn’t feel well, please do not come to church.
  2. Household residents should sit together. At this time, we prefer to keep physical contact with those outside your household to a minimum.
  3. Masks will be required for now.  We recognize that some have problems wearing them for extended lengths of time.  We ask your indulgence and understanding in complying as best as possible..  If you forget your mask, we will have some available.
  4. Seating will be socially distanced.  A ‘2 pew’ distance from non-household members is  recommended.  Ushers and greeters will not be used for now. Please begin seating from the front of the church and in the center aisle pews.  When they are filled, then proceed to the outside aisle pews.  If you have difficulty walking or need to receive communion ‘in place’, please sit closer to the front.
  5. We will not be using the offering plates during the service.  Please utilize the containers set out to place your offering.
  6. We would like to continue our ‘Jingle’ program. However, we will not have the children doing the collecting at this time.  We will keep the large ‘Jingle’ bucket available near the altar area for those who would like to  place any loose change inside.
  7. We will allow singing through the masks if you’d like to participate.  However,  some guidelines suggest holding off on singing.  Since we are socially distanced, the choice is yours.
  8. Communion…  Our designed method will most likely take longer than normal but we believe is safer.  Starting from the front of the sanctuary.
    1. Wafers will be served with tongs.
    2. Both grape juice and wine will be poured.
    3. Ushers will not be used but you will be able to see when those seated in front of you have gone to communion.
  9. Forming a single line down the center of the center aisle,  people in the pews on the ‘Pulpit’ side will process forward, beginning with the front of the sanctuary. Proceed forward, pick up a cup, receive the host and wine and return to your pew via the side aisle.
  10. Members located on the ‘Pulpit side’ aisle will proceed to the back of the sanctuary and down the center aisle in the same manner, returning to their seats.
  11. Next people in the ‘Lectern side’ pews will proceed forward, again front to back.  Travel back to your pews using the side aisle, followed by those seated by the windows who process to the back of the sanctuary and down the center aisle; returning to their seats.
  12. Method of Communion:  Communion wafers (non-gluten included) will be distributed by Vicar with tongs.  Empty communion cups will be loosely placed in containers on small boards.  Carefully pick up a cup to receive wine or grape juice which will be poured by the assistants. Dispose of cups in containers provided.
  13. Sign of Peace – Other than with household members, we discourage physical contact.  For now, use the sign of peace or some other non-physical method of greeting.
  14. Use of restrooms is permitted, if needed.  Upstairs we have 2 single use restrooms. Non-household members should not go together. Use common sense if waiting and be sure to wash hands.

We plan to continue videotaping the service for those who are unable to attend.  We hope that you will not be uncomfortable with being recorded during communion.  We will not be doing closeups or intentionally taking pictures of the congregation.  We realize there will be times when recording the congregation cannot be avoided.

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