State of the Plate

October 2017

During the month of October, Mt. Zion celebrated so many events. If you were lucky enough to be there, you experienced the joy and fellowship of our community. This happiness transmits an energy that is only experienced by being there and being part of each celebration. We began the annual congregation meeting and passing of the new budget on October 1st. October 8th was the date for the first Blessing of the Animals during a special afternoon service. October 15th was our Praise Sunday with the Praise Band, Fellowship and our celebration of the 500th Reformation Anniversary. Were you there to enjoy that? We ended the month with wearing Red on Reformation Sunday and Confirmation and another fellowship. I share this list of fun Sundays because attendance and income depend on you. On the weeks that we have good attendance, our income is better than the weeks when there is not so much happening. The remainder of the year is filled with activities and special gatherings. So, don’t miss a single Sunday.

During the month of October, our income totaled $10,183.50 which included $560 from the Thrivent Choice Dollar program. Our budget is planned for $2,975.65 per week or $14,878.20 per month. However, our expenses totaled $9,184.91. We ended October with a small surplus. However, November begins with our payroll and several large expenditures. As a reminder, the Thrivent Choice Dollar program is a great way to help fulfill the ministry costs. Just meeting our regular needs, in my opinion, is just not enough. There is so much that we can do! Our work while on Earth should never have an expiration date or a cap on what we can accomplish. It is all up to us.

With regards to our Miscellaneous Other Giving accounts, the Restoration Committee has earned over $30,000 for the Window Restoration. This 6-figure project needs your continued support so that the windows can be repaired, and storm windows can be installed. Money must be earned for each stage. After all expenses have been paid, we have earned over $2,500 for the Summer Fest recipient. There is about $4,000 set aside for fuel. Winter is approaching, and we will be faced with this large expenditure.

In closing, the Finance Committee will be meeting soon with our financial adviser from Thrivent to review our investment portfolio. It is important for us to make the best financial decisions on the financial funds that people have entrusted to us. Keep your eyes focused on the events scheduled for November and December!! AND keep watching for the great things that you help to accomplish.

Yours in Christ, April Osterstock, Treasurer

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