State of the Plate

State of the Plate – May / June 2018

For the month of May, the total of income from contributions and other income was $9,777.32.  This includes $239 received from Thrivent. $1,000 of the advance from February has still not yet returned to the Money Market Account.  Hence, Net of the advance, our income was $8,777.32.  Our expenses for May totaled $14,716.21, higher than normal due to three payrolls.

For the month of June, the total income from contributions and other income was $9,968.73.  There were no Thrivent Choice dollars received during the month of June.  Our expenses were $10,030.73.

As we approach the end of our fiscal year and plan for next year, I want to remind all committee heads who have not yet contacted me to get your needs to me now. The Finance Committee will have met by now and our budget figures will be set without your input if you do not.

If you are interested in joining the Finance Committee, please let me know and I will add you to the distribution list and include you in the meeting notice. As always, should you have any specific question please feel free to contact me directly.  April Osterstock, Treasurer.

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