State of the Plate

As our fiscal year continues, I want to share that we are holding
our own financially at this point in time. Through the holidays, the
income has been ahead of expenses. I appreciate the caring and
generosity of all who stepped forward and brought their contributions for 2018 up to date. I appreciate all who have shared annual
bonuses, and those who have given more than their stewardship
designation. I would be remis though if I didn’t mention those of
you who have been steadfast in keeping your commitment and
continue to attend and support Mt. Zion in many ways. You are
all important to the well being of Mt. Zion. Please don’t ever think
that you don’t make a difference.

At the end of December 2018, we received $42,618.93 into the
general fund which includes $1,185 from Thrivent Choice Dollars.
We received $8,679.35 into the Miscellaneous Other Giving accounts which includes categories of Christian Education, Fuel
Fund, Jingle Projects, Organ Fund, Window Restoration Fundraising, and World Hunger. The amounts in this account cannot
be used for general fund purposes and after their receipt get
transferred to another organization or investment account. However, amounts in the general fund can be used for these purposes.

Happily, I can add that at this point, the Window Restoration fundraising committee has raised enough money to complete the window project and keep an amount aside for future maintenance.
No further donations are needed for that project. They are reorganizing, under the leadership of Martin Billger, and plan to focus
their fundraising efforts on other needs and areas of the church.
Our church building will be 100 years old in 2023 and in need of
repair and updating. Through their efforts, I expect that some of
the more expensive projects will be completed in a shorter time.
Stay tuned for announcements about their plans and efforts.

At the suggestion of some members, I started to place a notice in
the weekly bulletin showing attendance, the previous week’s
tithes and offerings, and the year-to-date income and expense
figures. I am hopeful that this information will enable everyone to
understand how our financial status can quickly change and how
important your dedication is imperative to the spiritual and financial well-being of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church. As always, if you
have questions feel free to ask me.

Yours in Christ, April Osterstock, Treasurer

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